What is the difference between HDPE and PE pipes?

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What is the difference between hdpe and pe pipes: the scope of application is different. HDPE pipes are mainly used for municipal water supply pipes or outdoor buried pipes because of their good pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. PE pipes are mainly used in homes to transport gas and natural gas, and can also be used for floor heating pipes. Good high temperature resistance. The intensity varies.

HDPE pipe has high strength and pressure. It is made of PE resin and has good mechanical properties. The strength is 9 times that of PE pipe. The wear resistance coefficient is different, HDPE has a high molecular weight, and the wear resistance coefficient is the best among all pipes. The wear resistance coefficient of PE pipe is only one tenth of that of HDPE pipe. The raw materials are different, and HDPE pipes are made of high-density polyethylene.

The PE pipe is made of polyethylene plastic. The density is different, the density of HDPE is more than 0.940 grams, and that of PE pipe is 0.926 to 0.940 grams. What are the raw materials for water pipes: PP pipe is also called polypropylene, which is a material specially used to make drain pipes. It not only has high hardness, but also is heat-resistant, non-aging, and has a low density.

PVC is also called polyethylene pipe, which is a polymer material. This profile is one of the more unique profiles. PE, also called polyethylene, is mainly used to make drainage pipes, air pipes, heating pipes and electrical materials. Plastic pipes are solid materials made by adding additives, fillers, and reinforcing materials to synthetic resins, and then made by special processes.

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