Three commercial values of folding chairs

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Relevant persons from the folding chair manufacturer said that the commercial value of the folding chairs on the market is mainly as follows:

   1. The benefits are particularly eye-catching. It can be predicted that with the maturity and growth of folding chair companies, a new business future jointly created by folding chair companies with partners and franchisees is gradually approaching. This also fully proves that more and more businesses are increasingly recognizing the commercial value of folding chairs.

   2. Saving raw material costs through collective procurement, and implementing large-scale production, so that the market price is lower than that of brands of the same grade. Compared with the supply policy of similar brands, franchisees are given extraordinary preferential prices to ensure that franchisees have a wide profit margin. The return on profit margin of the agency industry is 40%-50% higher, and there is no need for inventory preparation, and the capital turnover has the characteristics of short, flat and fast.

   3. Folding chair products can not only meet the various application needs of customers, but also bring business opportunities and value returns to customers. Folding chair enterprises must not only have a strong sense of integrity, but also take humanized design as the keynote of design, and have a mature franchise and service system.

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