Introduction to the role and application fields of self-adhesive labels

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In our daily life, we often see various self-adhesive label stickers or films on various packages, so what are the self-adhesive labels? Other types of self-adhesive label materials? What is the use of stickers? Adhesive materials are used in a wide variety of applications. According to its application characteristics, it can basically be divided into two categories: decoration materials and trademark materials.

Introduction to the functions and application fields of stickers.

Labeling materials for decoration; mainly coating materials, such as decorative decals on cars and motorcycles, sign text on shop windows, reflective films on highways, signs on containers, etc. This type of material is usually a material that can be used outdoors; it uses a special adhesive and has good weather resistance and anti-corrosion properties; generally it does not print or only uses screen printing. The processing method is computer lettering or die-cutting only, and the colors are various.

It is a self-adhesive trademark identification material. Therefore, the self-adhesive label printing industry is mainly divided into two types: paper self-adhesive label printing and film self-adhesive label printing. and variable info tags:

Basic labels include: commodity labels, such as food and beverages, chemical products, medicine, office supplies, toys, shampoo, electrical appliances, hygiene products, etc.

Changeable information labels include: batch number, sequence code, barcode, production date, expiration date, price, mailing process information processing, delivery, warehouse management, inventory data, etc. Dongguan Bangyue Label Printing Factory has international advanced printing equipment such as Heidelberg six-color four-color offset printing machine and Japanese rotary seven-color printing machine.

Plywood series: plywood color printing, synthetic plywood color printing, PVC plywood, PP plywood, dumb silver plywood, electrostatic plywood, fragile yards, oil plywood, medical plywood, health care plywood, daily necessities plywood, etc.

Roll-type automatic labels: health products, medicines, cosmetics, chemical products, food, daily chemical products, pipes, electronic labels, computer printing labels, environmental labels, exhibition VIP cards, clothing tags, etc.

Packaging box series: PVC, PET, PP, gold and silver card, refraction, embossing, laser, partial ultraviolet, frosted and other packaging boxes, suitable for cosmetics, health products, food, electronic products, wine, medicine and other packaging box.

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