Foam machinery (EPS) product characteristics

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Foam Machinery (EPS) Product Features: 1. Full name of EPS: expanded polystyrene, foamed air-conditioning structural parts, also known as expandable polystyrene.

2. The density can be from 10kg/m3 to 28KG/m3.

3. Main ingredient: polystyrene.

4. Performance: Foaming: When the EPS beads are heated above 90°C, the beads become soft, and the foaming agent vaporizes, causing the EPS beads to expand. Fusibility: When EPS beads or foam particles are heated above 1LO°C, the beads or foam particles are easy to melt and bond.

5. Function: When the molded product is used as packaging, it has a shock-absorbing effect.

Product use: heat preservation data: due to the low thermal conductivity of bead mold products, it is the heat preservation data of refrigeration plants, cold storages, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated ships, and ice factories.

Packaging material: light weight, high mechanical strength, suitable for packaging food, machinery, electrical appliances, electronic parts, etc., safe and reliable, not easy to damage, and increase product value.

Decorative material: The product is weather-resistant and easy to color, and can be widely used in the production of product cabinets, billboards, and toys. Any standard foam pellets.

Note: The foaming agent released by EPS beads is flammable and explosive. During production, storage and transportation, fireworks are strictly prohibited to prevent static electricity and adhere to ventilation.

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