EPS foam machine also known as foam generator

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EPS foam machine, also known as foam generator, is a simple device for making foam. The EPS foam machine itself does not squeeze out the bubbles from the bubbles, it disperses the air evenly into the foaming agent aqueous solution, so that the liquid contacts the surface as much as possible, so that the surfactant forms an electric double on the surface of the liquid film. layer and surround air to form bubbles. Without it, there is no foam concrete. The EPS foaming machine first appeared abroad, and the initial model was foaming with a high-speed rotating impeller, which was also called a "foaming machine". Later, with the continuous advancement of technology, EPS foam machine technology has been continuously improved, new models have emerged, and different technical systems have been formed. Our country began to use EPS foam machine as early as the 1950s, but it was not a special EPS foam machine, but a mortar mixer. The foaming agent is directly added into the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, so that the foaming agent is mixed with the mortar or concrete to form foam. Around the 1970s, special foaming agents began to appear, namely high-speed impeller EPS foaming machines. Then continue to carry out technical upgrades and upgrades, and now it has developed into a third-generation model mainly based on high-pressure inflation, which basically meets the needs of foam concrete. There are many grades and models of EPS foam machines, but in principle they are divided by air bubbles. At present, only three types are widely used: high-speed impeller type, high-pressure air type, and medium-low pressure type. The same type is different, but its auxiliary equipment is different from the automation control, and the structure of the foam part is the same.

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